Bring on the Trauma Oil!

Trauma Oil Uses and Benefits

Have you ever heard of Trauma Oil? Maybe you’re wondering what it might be used for? The name says it all for this one. It is one of my favorite carrier oils! Great in times of injury and…you guessed it, trauma.

It’s not a terribly popular carrier oil but I think it should be. It has many great healing properties and is very skin-nourishing. Read on for some great information on Trauma Oil.


Trauma oil is a carrier oil that is olive oil at the base, infused with St. John’s wort, Calendula and Arnica. This is done by sealing the olive oil with herbs to let it ‘steep’ for a few weeks. The process of infusing not only yields the benefits of the carrier oil, but also those of the herbs. In this case, Calendula and Arnica.

It is a subtle carrier oil that is safe to use by itself on injured skin. Also, it can be used in combination with other carrier oils. Its main purpose is to dilute essential oils for topical application. The aroma is neutral and does not smell much different than olive oil.

Uses for Trauma Oil

Trauma oil has unique properties as a carrier oil that come from the ingredients that are infused in it. 

The St. John’s Wort brings the benefits of wound healing and pain relief. It natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can ease painful joints and muscles from arthritis and gout.

Calendula has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can be helpful in situations of acute injury, as well as skin-nourishing qualities.

And Arnica has properties that make it useful for pain and swelling. In fact,  in a study conducted in 2008, Arnica demonstrated effects similar to an anti-infammatory medication for subjects after foot operations.

The three together with the olive oil, which itself has anti-inflammatory benefits and is an antioxidant, make it a wonderful carrier oil to use as the base of your essential oils blends in times of injury and trauma! Any time anyone in my family gets a cut, scrape, bruise or sprain, I dab it with Trauma oil, kids and all!

This carrier oil is also a great base for massage oils. Perfect for loosening tight muscles. Also, it can be used for other blends you might make for pain, strains or sprains.

Blends Well With

Trauma oil is a carrier oil that makes a fairly thin base for any blend it is used for. The mixture is slightly thicker than olive oil so keep this in mind. Think of how you want a blend feel and appear after it is applied. This way you can know if you should add a little something else to thicken it up if needed.

There are several essential oils that Trauma Oil blends well with including Lavender, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Myrrh, Black Pepper, Lemongrass, Cypress, Cedarwood and Sandalwood. It also mixes well with other carrier oils like Coconut oil and Palm Kernel Oil.

Our Favorite Recipe:

Cuts and Scrapes Blend

       30ml Trauma Oil

       3 drops Lavender

       3 drops Frankincense

I usually make a batch of this recipe for my medicine cabinet. It seems there is always a need for it! Since it has Lavender and Frankincense at a low dilution, it is safe even for the smallest of children for topical application. Whenever anyone has a cut or a scrape I apply a few drops with a cotton swab and cover with a bandage. I am always so amazed at how quick the area heals!

And the tolerability is great with this. It doesn’t have a strong scent at all. It will just take on a hint of whatever essential oils you’ve added. Also, it doesn’t burn or sting with application. This is always such a concern for my 4 year old!

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