Coffee Essential OilAre you looking for recipes with Coffee essential oil? Check this one out! It’s one of my favorites and an essential part of my beauty regimen. It just smells absolutely amazing and makes my face so soft. I just use a dab but it does the trick!

Coffee Essential Oil Face Cream:

1oz unscented lotion

1 tsp organic aloe vera gel

6-10 drops Coffee Essential Oil

  1. Mix the lotion and aloe vera gel together in a clean container that has a lid. This will be important to prolong freshness of your blend.
  2. Once they are mixed evenly throughout you can add the coffee oil. Add a few drops at a time to get your preferred dilution. It is strong so I would advocate for slowly adding the oil until it’s just how you want it.
  3. Apply a small amount to the face, especially under the eyes, once daily in the morning.
  4. Be energized!