Comfrey Oil: My Secret for Wound Care

Comfrey oil infusion

If you’ve never heard of Comfrey Oil before…this is one oil you will love! My cousin introduced this to me recently and I just HAD to feature it. I used it on my knees that have been popping and in pain for over a year now. After a few applications I can tell such a difference!

I also applied some to my son’s skin and noticed improvement after a single application! He is about 2 years old now and has had eczema since he was 6 months old. The poor thing will scratch his skin raw before I can catch him sometimes. Even on tender areas like this he didn’t complain about burning or pain when I rubbed on some Comfrey oil. I’m telling you, when used diluted and sparingly, this oil is a total game-changer!

Read on about this great essential oil that must be part of your first aid cabinet!


Comfrey oil is extracted from the comfrey plant, usually the leaves and roots. The plant itself has large, thick green leaves with small bell-shaped flowers. It is native to the grasslands of Ireland and Britain, but can be grown in your own garden if cultivated properly.


Comfrey has a high content of allantoin which helps promote new cell growth and decrease inflammation. For centuries, it has been used to aid in wound healing and even has the nickname ‘knit bone’.  It makes a great healing salve or ointment that can be applied to damaged muscles, ligaments and tendons. It should come as no surprise that comfrey has been used for conditions like arthiritis as well as skin conditions.


This oil should be used with caution and for topical application only. It is no longer recommended for internal use due to liver toxicity that can occur. It can even be absorbed rapidly in open wounds, so avoid applying to deep open cuts. I only use it once a day for just a few days at a time to avoid any sort of build-up in the body, especially with little ones. For my son I used olive oil infused with comfrey, applying sparingly, just once daily for a few days in a row.

Recipe: Comfrey-infused Olive Oil

½ jar comfrey leaves

½ jar olive oil

  1. Cut up comfrey leaves to fill ½ the jar you are using for your oil infusion.
  2. Fill the rest of the jar with olive oil.
  3. Place the lid on the jar tightly.
  4. Let the mixture sit in the sun for 4-6 weeks. Shake the jar every few days to encourage release of the medicinal properties from the leaves.
  5. Strain the mixture with a cheese cloth. Make sure to ring out the cloth to get all of the precious oil you’ve patiently waited for!


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