Essential Oils for Tinea Versicolor

Essential Oils for Tinea Versicolor

Tinea versicolor is a common fungal rash that most often effects the torso and neck but can affect the face and limbs. It occurs when a yeast, that is normally found on the skin, grows out of control. It appears as patches of skin that can be lighter or darker than the person’s normal skin tone. The fungal rash can cause some mild itching and scaling, but may also just look like a discoloration of the skin.

Tinea versicolor affects mostly children and young adults.  It is not contagious but can be made worse by heat, humidity, oily skin, a weakened immune system or hormonal changes.

Essential Oils for Tinea Versicolor

Now that you have some background on Tinea versicolor, let’s get into the fun stuff…essential oils of course! I have not had this myself but I had a relative ask me if I recommended anything for Tinea versicolor. She had this particular rash, (pictured above), for over a year and just thought that it was the result of a sunburn that had permanently damaged her skin. But with a little more research and talking to a friend that had Tinea versicolor, she realized that it was not permanent damage to her skin, but a fungal rash that could be eliminated. Yay! With this information, I was able to put a recipe together with several essential oils that have antifungal properties.

She has been using the recipe below for several weeks now and has noticed improvement in the discoloration. Fungal rashes, such as tinea versicolor, often take weeks to be fully eradicated, so don’t be surprised if it takes a while for the rash to completely go away.

Here is the essential oil recipe I used for Tinea versicolor:

30ml Jojoba wax

10 drops Tea Tree essential oil

10 drops Lavender essential oil

2 drops Clove essential oil

She would apply it generously to the area 2-3 times per day and has noticed improvements. Besides all that, the blend smells amazing! Gotta love essential oils!

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