Health Benefits of Coffee Essential Oil

Coffee Essential OilWe’re all crazy about coffee right? But did you know there is Coffee essential oil? I know…mind blown! Read on about the great benefits and uses of coffee essential oil.


Did you know that some of the best coffee beans grown for essential oil are native to South American countries, specifically Brazil? If you’re a coffee drinker that’s probably old news. Production is by cold-pressed distillation of the coffee bean. A machine literally presses the beans to break them open. They are sprayed with water and the oil is collected. Pretty neat process to get some highly concentrated coffee!


Coffee oil is your perfect morning wake up call! Make sure to diffuse it as soon as you get out of bed to get those sleepy eyes open. Just the aroma of this oil invigorates the senses. Let the coffee aroma give you motivation to have the best Monday ever!

In addition, you can dilute it and apply topically. This oil is great for the skin. The natural antioxidants tone the skin, giving it that young vibrant look! It has been shown to help acne and slow signs of aging. In one study from the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology, coffee extract stimulated collagen synthesis, which can prevent sun damage to skin. This is a must have in my beauty regimen for sure!

The first time I tried our recipe for face cream with coffee essential oil…oh my gosh did I love it! It moisturized my skin and seemed like it helped the bags under my eyes. I only needed a small amount each day and it made the difference. That mixed with the aloe vera gel definitely helps me get up in the morning.

Also, growing evidence shows that coffee can help support a healthy metabolism. One study demonstrated that coffee can be helpful in blood sugar control. Coffee contains polyphenols that may be helpful in decreasing risk of diabetes and decreasing the body’s resistance to insulin, which occurs in diabetes. Who knew?

With all these great benefits, you may be wondering, “Ok, so how do I use it?” Click here for my recipe for Coffee Essential Oil Face Cream.



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