How to Make Your Own Shaving Cream

How to Make Shaving Cream with Essential OilsDo you have sensitive skin? Are you searching for a homemade recipe that is all natural and won’t irritate your skin? Check out this recipe to make your own shaving cream with essential oils.

Conventional shaving creams often leave me with razor burn or skin irritation. I’m not sure what ingredients cause this for me, but I’ve had this reaction with several products. It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive it is, or what manufacturer. My skin just doesn’t like store bought shaving products.

My Sensitive Skin Reactions

The reaction itself is so awful! In the few times that it’s happened, I didn’t think my skin was going to react. But then a few hours later, large patches of hives appeared over the entire surface that I used the shaving cream on. Ugh! Not at all convenient during summertime when I’m about to go out! They were so itchy and didn’t completely clear up for weeks.

You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson after the first time, but no. Of course not! I thought it was just a one time thing. After it happened with a few different products, I realized there was something about conventional products that my skin just didn’t like.

Finding My Own Recipe

This has been a few years ago already. Since then I’ve experimented with several shaving cream recipes of my own. Using all natural ingredients was a must for me and the recipe had to be simple.  Some were better than others, but any recipes with a large amount of coconut oil were a “no go” for me.  My skin always felt soft afterward, but it clogged my razor and left an oily film in the bathtub.  Soft skin was great but having a mess to clean up afterward was not ideal!

Convinced there was a better way, I researched other recipes to come up with one that was less “messy”, with the same desired effect.  After trying a few different recipes I settled on one that I really like! It leaves my skin super soft and best of all…no itchy hives. The recipe below is my favorite for making shaving cream with essential oils!

  • ½ cup Aloe Vera gel
  • 2 tbsp Castile soap
  • 1 tbsp Sweet Almond oil
  • 1/8 – 1/4 cup Shea butter
  • 10 drops of your Bridge to Nature Apothecary essential oil
  1. First, the shea butter will need to be melted over stovetop. I use a small skillet and it melts within minutes. You may just have to stir it occasionally.
  2. Once the shea butter is melted, you can take the skillet off the stove. Then add in the castile soap and almond oil, stirring in each one. Next you’ll add the aloe vera gel. And we save the best for last…the essential oils!* I find the best essential oils for this mixture are simple. Try to keep it to 1 or 2 essential oils that go well together. A few good options that I’ve found are: Vanilla, Lavender, Rose + Bergamot.
  3. After all the ingredients are in, just whip them together with an electric mixer for 1-2 minutes.  It may be watery at first but should thicken up within an hour or two.**
  4. Store in a glass container with a lid.  Use as often as needed for shaving and moisturizing the skin.  And as always, don’t forget to label it with the ingredients and essential oils you used.
Notes on Thickness and Essential Oil Choice

*Remember to keep dilution consistent. For example, if you make a double batch you double the essential oils, or if you make half the recipe you use just half the amount of essential oils. Try to use skin-nourishing oils and avoid oils that can cause phototoxicity, except in very low dilution (1%).

**For increased thickness you can add more shea butter. However, I would caution doing this until the mixture has thickened all the way. I’ve made it before, thinking it was going to be too soupy, only to add more shea butter and have it be too thick.

The last time I used it my skin was soft for days after one use.  So much better than store bought brands!

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