4 Recipes for Carpet Deodorizer Spray

4 Recipes for Carpet Deodorizer SprayWith the holidays coming up, many of you will be looking forward to having family over to celebrate. It is such a fun time of year, but there is always work involved when you are the one hosting. At the top of your list is probably cleaning your house. Having a house that is neat and orderly with a welcoming aroma will make your guests feel right at home!

Rather than buying a product infused with chemicals and fragrances, why not make a light spray made from all natural ingredients….and your favorite essential oils? Check out my recipe for homemade carpet deodorizer spray!

I used this spray bottle recipe when I vacuumed my living room the other day and wow! The fruity, spicy aroma just adds to the clean feeling when you walk into the room. To make any of the 4 following recipes you will need just a few ingredients…

Recipes for Carpet Deodorizer Spray

1 two oz. spray bottle

1 oz. water

1/2 oz. witch hazel

10-16 drops of your favorite essential oil blend

You can use a blend of your own or single oils for the carpet deodorizer spray. All you do is add the water and witch hazel. Shake them up real good! Then add the essential oils. Such a tough choice! There are so many good options. You can mix together as many as you like. Just stay in the range of essential oils as written above.

Also, beyond just smelling wonderful, you are putting into the air essential oils to ward off any bacteria your guests may be bringing to the celebration!

Essential oils have amazing antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Some of the strongest essential oils to ward off sickness include Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender. There is at least one recipe below that includes each one.

Besides being a secret weapon against bacteria, essential oils also offer immune support for you. And who doesn’t need a little immune boost every now and then? It always amazes me the illnesses that kids are passing around with every encounter.  I use essential oils as a spray, diffused in the air and in hand sanitizer to protect my house when guests are expected. It’s the best step I can take to assure the health of everyone involved!

How to Use Carpet Deodorizer Spray

When you’re ready to use it, just spray as often as needed as you vacuum the room for a mood lifter before your company arrives! I usually divide the room into sections, spray a few sprays then vacuum. And keep sectioning off the room until it is finished.

The scent won’t last forever, so feel free to continue doing a few maintenance sprays during the day too. It is diluted essential oil, so perfectly safe to spray around the house. Or better yet, use the same recipe in your diffuser to keep a constant aroma going throughout the duration of the party. You will be sure to impress even the most critical of guests!

Just one word of caution, do not spray directly on the skin. You also want to supervise any children so they don’t get it on their skin or in their mouth.

My daughter was helping me vacuum one time and wanted to do the spraying. I agreed to let her of course…am I really going to turn down my child asking to help me clean? Not a chance! She probably overdid it on the spraying a little, with about 25-30 sprays in the room. A few minutes later I noticed a spot on her hand where the spray had been hitting her hand and it was slightly red. She said it didn’t hurt but the irritation had to have been from the spray. After a few minutes it went away, with no further issues or sensitivities. So keep an eye on your kiddos if they help!

Now that we got safety covered, check out some of my favorite essential oil combinations!

Essential Oil Combinations

Spicy- 4 drops Cinnamon, 3 drops Clove, 7 drops Orange

Fresh and Clean- 4 drops Lemon, 4 drops Peppermint, 4 drops Lavender

Floral and Fruity- 1 drop Rose, 4 drops Grapefruit, 8 drops Orange

Tropical- 4 drops Vanilla, 8 drops Lime

Whatever you’re in the mood for we got it. Try some of the recipes above for a great smelling house. You won’t be disappointed! Have fun creating!

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