How to Use Essential Oils for Amazing Sleep

Essential Oils for Amazing SleepI’m sure many of you can relate to my story of being a mommy with not much sleep. Read on to see how I use essential oils for amazing sleep!

If there was anything that drew me into essential oils when I first discovered them a few years ago it was the thought of being able to relax!  Relaxing use to be something I rarely ever did, nor did I think I was deserving of time to de-stress on a daily basis.  Especially if I didn’t get enough of my ‘to do’ list done. Which, let’s be honest. We rarely ever do!

Now I realize that having a few minutes to yourself to unwind and rest your tired body is vital to your health and well-being. Without a balance, we can quickly crumble. I know from experience!

My Wakeup Call From a Pattern of Exhaustion

A few months after I had my second child, I just felt exhausted and irritable. Not to the point of postpartum depression, just SO TIRED! Who can relate? Not only was I only getting a few hours each night, but being interrupted multiple times a night.

During this time, I had just moved back to my hometown after living across the country for the last 6 years. My family was always over visiting and I felt the need to have everything perfect. I put so much effort into cleaning my house, preparing meals and hanging out that I was drained. It was then that I truly realized the value of sleep.

From then on, I made an effort to focus more on getting sleep rather than having my house neat and tidy 24/7. This was not something I was able to change overnight. Rather, an issue that slowly resolved itself with an effort to get good sleep, and my son waking up less and less. How much more effective we are with a descent night sleep!

Some nights it was like I couldn’t turn my mind off. I was going through the next day in my mind and I just couldn’t fall asleep. I wasn’t a subject matter expert on essential oils by any means, but I had read a lot about using essential oils for sleep. So I decided to explore combinations and found my magic bullet!

The Benefits of a Hot Bath

My favorite way to use essential oils is in a warm bath. The heat and aroma just surrounds me and sometimes I relax almost to the point of falling asleep! I learned a few interesting facts about baths recently, 1) A hot bath can burn up to 130 calories per hour, according to a study conducted at Loughborough University earlier this year.  Not that I have time to take a bath for an hour, but calories are calories!  2) The heat from a bath can ease stress and decrease inflammation.  Most people would probably already know this from how much better they feel at the end of a bath. We definitely notice a difference in our joints and muscles, especially after a long day. 3) According to that same study, baths can actually lower blood sugar. Who knew right?

Add in essential oils and you’ve got a recipe for a serious time-out from the craziness of life!  I usually add a few drops of any oil with calming properties to some jojoba, avocado oil or olive oil, throw in half a cup of Epsom salt, and mix it in. It’s up to you how much you dilute the oils. I would use about a tablespoon of carrier oil.

Essential Oils For Easing You Into Sleep: Blends for the Bath

Sandalwood, Cypress, Cedarwood

Opopanax, Juniper Berry, Ylang ylang

Frankincense, Balsam Copaiba

Vetiver, Bergamot

**Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Neroli (Rest and Sleep)

**Sold in the Essential Oil Shop!

After soaking in the bath for a bit, I am usually down for the count.  I can never plan to do anything after my nightly bath because my body is prepared for sleep.  Give it a try and see what blends you come up with.

No Time for a Bath? Try Essential Oils for Sleep by Applying at Bedtime

If I don’t end up having time for a bath, I know I can still apply essential oils topically for great sleep. I tried several essential oil combinations when I was formulating a blend for sleep. But the Rest and Sleep blend…this is my magic bullet! It has Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Neroli which are all essential oils that have sedative and relaxing properties.

When I’m in bed I apply 1-2 drops undiluted to my feet. I do this by first slowly pouring 2 drops in my hands, rub them together, then rub on the bottoms of both feet.

Most of the time I am asleep within minutes. I don’t wake up as much as usual, that’s for sure. And when I get up in the morning I’m not drowsy in the least. I get some of my most refreshing sleep after using Rest and Sleep!

I hope this knowledge will come as a help for you to start getting better sleep at night. It is so precious!

Comment below to let us know how you used essential oils for sleep!

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